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Since 1913

The Botti brand features the ancient handicrafted footwear tradition of Tuscany. The true goodyear, still hand-made, the best leather tanned in tanks just like 70 years ago. The wise hands of our shoemakers who pass their experience to the new generations:"this is our world, our special philosophy of life".
Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, is the main source that inspired us, we adapted the painters' techniques on skin of the '400 creating those natural shades that give the product a look of worn.

Shoes made to live with who wears them

The passion for quality research and renewal in the respect of tradition has developed a project in which Botti has always believed: to valorize the human resources of our territory and mix them to reinvent a style that speaks of us, of our culture, in a blend between past, present and future.

True luxury is to be yourself

So we chose to integrate the taste of our collections with the new emerging sartorial tradition in clothing stores aimed at an audience who appreciates the product culture and does not want to be endorsed with the brands.
Our customers are therefore the guarantors of our quality and seriousness; Shops where you still cultivate the passion for transmitting a taste, promoting a style and a clear message: be yourself.

Botti 1913

Mastri calzolai, Firenze - Italia